SNS Says "Hungarian Guard" is a Dangerous Precedent

31.08.2007, 08:08

Chairman of the junior member of the ruling coalition Slovak National Party (SNS) Jan Slota labeled the recent rise of a far-right paramilitary "Magyar Garda" in Hungary a very dangerous precedent on Thursday. It is dangerous, he continued, that such a unit was set up in central Europe, in a country that is a member of the European Union. The SNS leader underscored they would make every effort to get the issue on the agenda of the nearest meeting of party leaders at the Coalition Council. The SNS also wants that the Slovak government gets reactions from Hungarian and EU official places. He proposes to send them a diplomatic note. Mr. Slota remarked he is scheduled to meet with Foreign Minister Jan Kubis in order to discuss the "Magyar Garda" with him.
Mr. Slota said that all indicates that the Hungarian extremist party Jobbik is a youth organization of the Hungarian opposition party Fidesz that pretends it has nothing in common with them. The same applies to the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK) in Slovakia. Mr. Slota said that nobody doubts that the SMK operates under the Fidesz wing. According to him, the opposition SMK should condemn the establishment of the Hungarian Guard as the establishment of a neo-fascist group that said it is going to train units for attack on Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. Mr. Slota said he has evidence that recruitment of people for the Hungarian Guard is prepared in the south of Slovakia and the SNS hopes it will obtain evidence on preparing of cash flows to south Slovakia soon.
The recent rise of a far-right Hungarian paramilitary group is seen as a provocation in Slovakia. Its main aim allegedly is to protect national traditions and defend Hungary against attacks from neighboring countries, including Slovakia. The first members of the organization were sworn in on Saturday in the presence of priests from the Roman Catholic, Evangelical and Reformed Churches, as well as a member of the opposition Fidesz party. Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany labeled the establishment of the paramilitary group a shame for the country.

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